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So I just had the shit creeped out of me.

I’m not someone who believes in ghosts, but I was sitting in my room, alone and in the dark, and I heard the strings of my violin being softly plucked. 

My violin is hanging on the wall several feet away. 

So I gathered my courage, grabbed my phone, and used the camera light to investigate. 

And found this.


A goddamn spider was playing my violin. Not even joking. The little shit.

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Easiest double play Jose Reyes has ever turned.


Easiest double play Jose Reyes has ever turned.

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Evolution of the Desk (1980-2014)

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Probably the creepiest and coolest caterpillar you will ever see.

It’s called Phyllodes Imperialis and is nicknamed the Halloween caterpillar.

The last picture is what it looks like as a moth. 

When other creatures bother it, it draws itself up and stretches its skin until it looks like a large animal with two blue-black eyes and several rows of teeth between them (1st picture)

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